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Dear Colleagues,

injuries are among the most underestimated dangers to health. Approximately 750,000 people in the US alone suffer from monocular blindness caused by trauma; 90 % of those injuries are deemed avoidable, and epidemiological studies in the past were able to present effective measures for the prevention of the vast majority of such injuries. In the past decades, it was thus possible to reduce the number of eye injuries occurring at the workplace, in traffic accidents and during sports activities in certain countries. Obviously, further improvement is necessary on a worldwide basis.

Conversely, terrorist attacks, wars, and civil uproars significantly increased the number of eye injuries in some parts of the world. Attacks by terrorist and extremists causing mass casualties can, sadly, occur anywhere in the world today at any time. Thus, triage and psychological care of the victims are completely new tasks that an ophthalmologist is also confronted with. The dramatic improvements the development in vitreoretinal surgery brought can be implemented only to a partial extent in many countries due to limited resources and lack of expertise. All this yields a great variety of topics for an international exchange, so that everybody can learn from everyone.

For this purpose, we invite you on behalf of the International Society of Ocular Trauma and the German Ophthalmological Society, to our joint meeting online.

Ferenc Kuhn, M. D. PhD (Birmingham, USA)
President, ISOT

Prof. Dr. Hans Hoerauf (Göttingen, Germany)
President, DOG

Prof. Dr. Arne Viestenz (Halle, Germany) and
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang F. Schrader (Würzburg, Germany)
local organizing team of the AG DOG-Traumatology