Herausragende Experten, bewegende Themen – Keynote Lectures

Wie jedes Jahr gibt es besondere Themen, die die Welt der Ophthalmologie besonders bewegen. Herausragende Experten behandeln diese umfassend in halbstündigen Vorträgen.

Keynote Speaker am Donnerstag 8.10.2020:
Ferenc Kuhn

Saal von Graefe 11:45 - 12:15 08.10.2020
Keynote Lecture Do13
Counseling: The patient-doctor relationship
Counseling is as important a part of practicing medicine as is the actual treatment, yet counseling is not properly recognized in the medical curriculum. Having the patient sign an informed consent does not suffice; the physician must know how to talk to a patient (and family), what words to use, how to listen, make sure his metacommunication does not deviate from his verbal message; and provide enough interpretable information for the patient so that he can decide on the type of treatment. This talk will go through the most important elements of counseling.
Ferenc Kuhn (Birmingham)

Keynote Speaker am Freitag 9.10.2020:
Adrian Hopkins

Keynote Speaker am Samstag 10.10.2020:
Peter P. Pramstaller
Institutsleiter (Bozen)